My College Experience

First Week of Fall Term

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, first week of the term was fun, however, I felt a bit different.

I used to come to school from Tuesday – Friday, and to be honest on Monday for a whole year and half, and Sunday for 11 weeks to work on my homework.

To know that this term I only available at school on Tuesday and Thursday is kinda sad. Not to mention that I don’t event have an on-ground class with my corporate communications friends, it’s terrible. The only time I’ll be able to see them is during Knightly News Media Club meeting.

So far this week… It’s been busy. 

On Tuesday, I have meetings and work, Wednesday was kinda a long day. I have to be at school in the morning, go to my internship, and come back to school for a Club Fair. Thursday I have a whole day of meetings back to back with different people and different purposes. It make me realize that, I have a lot of things to do.

I have to create several flyers preparing for Student Government Association Election, Halloween Party, and Krispy Kreme Fundraising. I probably will complete this by the weekend, and send all of them on Monday.

Besides that, I have my assignment for three of my classes, majority of them is done, I have one essay left to do (I hope so).

I’m also happy that I still got to see a lot of my friends in the hallway, talking to all of my professors. I’m beyond grateful! I will try to make myself available at school, lol. 🙂

What do I learned?

This week I learned that being a leader you have to manage yourself by being prepare, and ready for the next challenge. I could say that I was a bit messed up this week.

I was behind on a lot of thing because I was trying to take my break a bit lighter. I usually come to school during my two weeks break to work on homework for club related. These two weeks I didn’t do that, I only did one thing; which was to make sure that one of my club is approve by Krispy Kreme to do fundraising.

I forgot all the flyers that I needed to make. Basically, I didn’t think ahead of time, I was being a bit selfish, and decided to enjoy my break.

Thinking ahead is one of a trait that leaders need to have. It was a bit disaster, but I’ll definitely will catch up to all those flyers, and move along.

Plan Ahead guys!

I also did another article for Knightly News Media Club. Feel free to click this link, it will directly take you to an opinion writing that I wrote. Enjoy!

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